Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) How does Lillypots work?


    Your Lillypot is designed to fit over an existing saucepan in your cupboard, much like a lid. To use, bring approximately 5cm of water to the boil in a pan and place the Lillypot on top. The Lillypot will rest comfortably on the rim. Drop your frozen ingredients into the round indentations in the Lillypot. The heat from below will gently defrost and warm the food until it is ready to serve.

  • 2) Why should I use Lillypots?


    Much of the nutritional value from food may be lost by zapping it in a microwave. With the Lillypot food is gently and quickly warmed with steam without the use of microwaves or potentially harmful plastics, meaning nutrition is not compromised and baby gets all the goodness. Also, by heating different food in the 3 separate indentations you will be able to tell your baby’s taste preferences from day 1 of weaning and slowly take the guesswork out of mealtimes.

  • 3) Will Lillypots fit my saucepan?


    Yes, we have designed Lillypots to fit comfortably over a range of saucepans in the mid size range. Most kitchen cupboards usually contain at least one pan that will fit the Lillypot, but to be specific, any pan from 14cm-18cm in diameter will work perfectly.

  • 4) What is Lillypots made from?


    Lillypots are made from the same 304 grade stainless steel that most saucepans and cookware are made from. It is Teflon®-free, non-toxic, hygienic and easy to clean.

  • 5) Is the Lillypot Dishwasher-safe?


    Yes, you can pop it in your normal dishwasher cycle.

  • 6) Can I feed my baby straight from Lillypots?


    Yes you can but be sure to keep the Lillypot well out of baby’s reach. Dispense the warm food into a serving bowl if baby likes to play with his food. NEVER let baby be able to reach the Lillypot as the surface will remain hot for some time. And always make sure to test the temperature of the food before giving it to baby, as you would with any other method you use to heat food.

  • 7) Will Lillypots keep my food warm?


    This is the best bit.. Yes! We here at Lillypots feel no baby should have to eat cold broccoli! Once your food has been heated through turn off the hob and simply leave your Lillypot on top of the saucepan (Always turn the handles of pans inwards away from curious toddlers and NEVER give baby the pan to eat from directly! The Lillypot should always be used by an adult only!). The hot water below will keep your food at a nice temperature for as long as it takes while you spend your time trying to tickle baby’s taste buds with the different flavours you have created.

  • 8) How long will it take to defrost and heat my baby’s food using Lillypots?


    In short, just a few minutes. We have found most things are nice and warm and ready to serve within 3-5 minutes but this of course does depend a bit on the type of stove you are using (gas vs electric) and the size of the cubes of food you have made and frozen. We recommend that you use freshly boiled water from the kettle to get your saucepan started... especially if baby is particularly hungry- much quicker than boiling cold water from the tap but then you know that!

    Always be sure to check food has cooled down and is at a safe temperature before feeding it to baby.

  • 9) Why should I use Lillypots instead of a microwave?


    We just think that if you’ve taken the time to lovingly prepare healthy, nutritious, home-cooked baby food like we did, then you don’t want to risk all those nutrients being obliterated by a microwave. Some studies have shown that microwaves can really affect the nutritional quality of food. The Lillypot may take just a minute or two longer, but the gentle steam-heating process ensures that nutritional value isn’t lost and baby gets all that goodness.

  • 10) Do I need to use a lid when heating food in the Lillypot?


    You don’t have to, No. In fact the Lillypot is designed for use without a lid but if you want to keep baby’s food warm on the stovetop whilst you prepare food for the rest for the family you can always pop a lid on if you want to.

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